Willamette Week, “Protest Emails Between Portland Police and Homeland Security: “It’s a Riot””

In the emails, officials count the protesters present at several locations in downtown Portland—but pay especially close attention to the anarchists and antifascist groups in Chapman and Lownsdale plazas, describing them as “anticipated to have potential for violence.”  At least part of that supposed potential is described in the emails, which describe two Molotov cocktails seized in the parks. The emails cite “open source reporting” to describe the Molotov cocktails, and includes a link to a KATU-TV report.  No independent confirmation of Molotov cocktails has been produced in the wake of the protests. The KATU story now contains no mention of them.  Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson did not respond to WW’s questions about the Molotov cocktail report.  It appears law enforcement officers used the rumors of Molotov cocktails as partial justification for declaring the left-wing protest a riot. But the emails also describe other threats that have more evidence.

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