Yahoo!, “Graham tells abortion protesters to stop ‘trying to burn down America’: ‘Constitutional anarchists'”

By Emma Colton, June 27, 2022

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham called on “constitutional anarchists” to stop “trying to burn down America” following the U.S. Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“So these constitutional anarchists, here’s my advice to you: Quit trying to burn down America and work like we did, in the fields, elect people who agree with you at the ballot box,” Graham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“When Roe came out, we didn’t burn down the Capitol as conservatives. We didn’t go to liberal justices’ homes and try to intimidate them. The radical left are constitutional anarchists, they’re literally trying to change this country from top to bottom,” Graham added in his comments. “They want to pack the court because they don’t like this decision. They want to abolish the electoral college so California and New York can pick the president in perpetuity.”

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