Not Just In the Streets: Anarchists in the Media


The president is tweeting about us. We’re on the front page of the New York Times. Journalists are clamoring to report on us. Right now there is an elevated interest in anarchism thanks to the spectacular resistance to Trump and the alt-right. Our collective is doing the most we can to take advantage of this opportunity to spread anarchist voices, but we need your help. This is not a plea for donations—we want your views and your voices.

We’re Agency, an anarchist media relations project since 2013. During Occupy anarchist ideas also enjoyed greater coverage, but we noticed that most stories focused on the same few anarchist voices over and over. As anarchism is garnering more and more interest now, we want to broaden the voices and ideas that show up in the news.

This is where you come in: if we can add more possible interviewees (even anonymous ones) to our roster, we hope to produce more favorable coverage about anarchists. As it is, our collective is having a hard time keeping up with all the interview requests coming our way.

Part of our project is an ongoing archive of mainstream coverage of anarchists, which you can find in the Anarchists in the News section on our website. Through this archive, we keep track of ongoing narratives about anarchists and sympathetic journalists so that we can be strategic about what kinds of stories are favorable for us to engage with.

If you’re interested,

send us an email at: agent(at)anarchistagency(dot)com

Please include your…

  • Name and preference of named vs. anonymous interviews
  • Organization or affiliation (if any)
  • Any personal information you want to add (background information, job, activism, region of the country, authorship)
  • The types of stories you would like to be contacted about (tactics, anti-fascism, community projects, counterculture, spirituality, etc.)

If you contact us we…


  • Give your name to any journalist (or anyone else) before contacting you about if you’re interested in a story


  • Add you to our list of potential media contacts
  • Follow up with you to make sure you’re not a fascist, alt-right creep

For raising anarchist voices wherever we can, not just in the streets.


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