Finding Agency: A New Livestream Series

FINDING AGENCY is a new livestream series that features conversations between activists, organizers, scholars, journalists, and writers to illuminate and amplify anarchist and anti-authoritarian perspectives on current events, as well as grassroots organizing and political education, strategy, and tactics. Brought to you by the team behind Agency, an anarchist PR project.

We seek to engage the public through dialogues with anarchists, organizers, revolutionaries, and visionaries from a political framework that is anti-statist, anti-capitalist, and anti-oppressive.

Finding Agency livestream events provide commentary on a wide range of new and current events and political analysis that is missing from the mainstream media in order to reframe misrepresented stories and amplify underrepresented voices and efforts.

Livestreams are broadcast here and on our YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

View a recording of our first livestream with Daryle Lamont Jenkins below.

Episode 1 Recording – August 11, 2022

Facing Fascism: Daryle Lamont Jenkins Challenges the Racist Right

Racist fascism is alive and spreading in the U.S. today. Daryle Lamont Jenkins, one of the most effective and knowledgeable anti-fascist activists in the U.S., joins anarchist writer and organizer Eric Laursen, to discuss the mainstreaming of the racist right and how to defeat it.

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