Cara Jennings: Response to Rick Scott #StopRickScott

Jennings Responds to Rick Scott #StopRickScott
May 4, 2016, 2 Min

A short video I made about Governor Scott and his most recent antics. Maybe his multi-million dollar corporate funded PAC will respond to this too! #StopRickScott #RickScott #let’sgettoworkforalivingwage

“Millions of people saw me run into Governor Rick Scott and say a few choice words to him: ‘You stripped women of access to public healthcare, shame on you Rick Scott.’ After our brief chat, I reached out to the governor’s office and invited him out for coffee. His office said they would get back to me . . . but they have not. Perhaps he’s just really busy. You know, they did have time to have his pack release an attack ad about me . . . He had time to veto a bill that would provided low-income families dental care. He’s using our tax dollars to attack the entire state of California about their choice to increase the minimum wage to a living wage . . . Maybe you, our Golden State friends, will be the next to tell Governor Scott – ‘You’re an asshole!’ – because this struggle is not really about me and Governor Scott – it’s about the millions of people who are impacted by his policies. And our dignity demands that we continue to stand up to the politicians who don’t care if we live or die as long as they stand rich and powerful.”

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