Chris Steele: The Unmasking Antifa Act: Behind the Mask of History

On the 86th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street where anti-fascist Londoners fought and stopped fascists marching through the primarily Jewish section of East London, it’s important to know the history of anti-fascism and the current surge in fascism.

In a recent interview with author and organizer scott crow on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson accused Antifa of being “committed to violence” failing to mention that far right-wing violence, bomb making, and murders have been on the rise.

crow responded:

“You’re conflating people who are trying to stop people who are calling for genocide and the murder, wholesale murder of huge populations of people, immigrants, women, calling for rape, and so these people want to stop that physically in some instances but largely behind the scenes.” crow continued, “They [antifa] just confront fascism and neo-Nazis where they’re at. If neo-Nazis come to the street then antifa shows up there to stop them.”

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