CrimethInc.: We Remember Jen Angel, A Eulogy

February 10, 2023

We mourn the passing of Jen Angel, a tenacious anarchist organizer whose efforts spanned the better part of four decades. Below, we’ll review some of Jen’s many contributions over the years and share some memories from those who love her.

You can donate to a memorial fund for Jen here. You can read a selection of her writing over the years here.

We were fortunate to know Jen. Her generosity and exuberance inspired us and we worked together in a variety of ways.

Like many of us, Jen got her start in do-it-yourself print media and counterculture at an early age, before the internet brought digital connectivity to the average North American household. Her career extended from the high point of the do-it-yourself counterculture through the turn-of-the-century movement against capitalist globalization to the Occupy movement, the Trump era, and the George Floyd uprising.

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