Kitty Stryker: I’m an Anarchist Who’s Always Prepared for Crisis — Now It’s Here

This moment proves we can’t rely on the government. We need to take care of each other.

When I saw an urgent call from a local ER doctor asking for N95 masks, I answered. I happened to have 40 in my prepper gear, mostly to hand out during fire season. I didn’t think twice about digging them out and leaving them by that doctor’s garage.

I’m not exactly what you might imagine when you think of someone who prepares for the end of the world as we know it. The stereotype, thanks to shows like Doomsday Preppers, is usually someone in a rural area, deeply conservative, with a bunker filled with guns and canned food. I am the opposite of that. I’m disabled, for a start, and queer, with brightly colored hair and a collection of T-shirts with Dungeons and Dragons puns. I rent an apartment in a city where I don’t even have a backyard. I don’t currently own a gun, though I know how to shoot one.

When the world is crashing down, much like it is at the moment due to Covid-19, I’m more likely to go into the chaos in order to help others than I am to hole up and wait for it to pass.

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