Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy, Our Proposal Is Conflict: Statement by Anarchists in #Venezuela


Today we await a new chapter of the historical cycle opened by the insurgency of the crowds at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one against the offensive of the warlike-spectacular society in the territory controlled by the Venezuelan state. The meeting point of contradictions and conflict was called to inaugurate–with the Caracazo–a cycle of rising social and political conflicts that both the bourgeois opposition and Chavismo wish to close–with different variants and rhythms–in favor of the restructuring of capitalist society.


In this chapter of the historical plot are placed on the one hand the government and Chavez state, spearhead of progressive Latin American governments that today are torn between organized withdrawal and disbandment, already having fulfilled their role of disciplining and domesticating the crowds with the price of raw materials rising, as they adjusted to the demands of capitalist looting. They then implement and carry out the adjustment and repression that the neo-liberal governments could not carry out. Thus the government led by Nicolás Maduro and the military scoundrel on which his power of fire is based is responsible for more than 250 murders in social protests since 2013 at the hands of the repressive apparatus (and more than 35 murders are included in the last 10 days), for hundreds of extrajudicial executions both in the streets and neighborhoods and in prisons in recent decades, for persecution, prosecution and murder of social fighters, huge rates of femicides and killings of trans people with complicity and concealment of judicial power, in addition to thousands of cases of malnutrition and deaths in hospitals. The same government ceded 15% of the territory to extractive capital for the extraction of gold, bauxite, coltan, etc. in open-pit mining, with the Orinoco-AMO-Mining Arc, thus adapting the territory and the crowds to the demands of capital and the construction of infrastructure for its looting (IIRSA), while deepening subordination and interference in the territory by the Russian and Chinese states through loans, indebtedness and concessions.

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