Futurism, “Teen Sentenced to Prison for Plotting Terror Attack in Minecraft”

The building wasn’t even real!?

By Abby Lee Hood, February 11, 2022

A group of Russian teenagers got in trouble this week for allegedly planning to blow up a fake government building they’d built in Minecraft, according to EuroNews — as opposed to, you know, one that actually exists in the real world.

Two of the three teens were cleared of charges because they cooperated with authorities, but Nikita Uvarov, age 16, was sentenced to five years in prison by a Siberian military court for “training for terrorist activities,” rights lawyer Pavel Chikov told EN and Agence France-Presse via Telegram.

“For the last time in this court I want to say: I am not a terrorist,” Uvarov told the Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

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