Huffington Post, “A Couple Dozen Neo-Nazis Got The Red Carpet Treatment From DC Law Enforcement”

WASHINGTON — Fewer than two dozen white supremacists received a private train car and a police escort as they traveled into the nation’s capital on Sunday, a year after one of their own killed a counter-protester in Charlottesville, Virginia, by driving a car into a crowd.

When the small band of neo-Nazis approached a park in front of the White House, there were several hundred counterprotesters awaiting them. In some ways, the scene was a victory for anti-racist organizers. Unlike last year, when racists overwhelmed the city of Charlottesville, white supremacist organizer Jason Kessler could scarcely pull together enough racists this year to fill a train car.

It started raining as soon as Kessler’s group entered the park. They were almost completely obscured by the several hundred police officers who surrounded it.

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