i09, “Why Do the Anarcho-Primitivists Want to Abolish Civilization?” September 10, 2014

Why Do the Anarcho-Primitivists Want to Abolish Civilization?
George Dvorsky, i09, September 10, 2014

Anarcho-primitivists are the ultimate Luddites — ideologues who favor complete technological relinquishment and a return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. We spoke to a leading proponent to learn more about this idea and why he believes civilization was our worst mistake.

Philosopher John Zerzan wants you to get rid of all your technology — your car, your mobile phone, your computer, your appliances — the whole lot. In his perfect world, you’d be stripped off all your technological creature comforts, reduced to a lifestyle that harkens back to when our hunter-gatherer ancestors romped around the African plains.

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