Jewish Press, “About Time: Israel Expels British, French Anarchists Who Breached Security Area”

By David Israel, April 12, 2024

Two foreign anarchists who were agitating in the area south of Mount Hebron and entered a closed military area several times were deported from Israel this week and their entry visas were denied for the foreseeable future, HaKol HaYehudi reported on Thursday.

The two anarchists, an Englishman and a French woman, were arrested a few days ago after they had entered the security area of the Mitzpe Yair settlement in the south of Mount Hebron, which was closed to civilians as a designated military zone.

The two activists confronted a military force from the Yehuda Brigade that arrived at the scene and prevented the soldiers from carrying out their assignment. The two anarchists were arrested by the army and taken to the Hebron police station for questioning.

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