Literary Hub, “Elon Musk listens to professional troll Andy Ngo and bans anarchist publisher from Twitter.”

By Johnny Diamond, December 1, 2022

Things at Twitter are going just fine! Remember when master tunnel-builder, confirmed monkey-killer, and brand new owner of Twitter Elon Musk told us all he’d be “forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints…”? Well, apparently by “widely diverse viewpoints” he just meant listening to alt right snowflake Andy Ngo’s random tweets.

According to this article at The Intercept, after a recent public exchange on Twitter, in which Ngo accused CrimethInc, an anarchist collective and sometime publisher, of operating “like ISIS” and “making propaganda & training material to radicalize militants toward violence,” Musk had their account suspended.

“Musk’s goal in acquiring Twitter had nothing to do with ‘free speech’ — it was a partisan move to silence opposition, paving the way for fascist violence,” CrimethInc said in a statement sent to The Intercept.

The collective also explained that, on the morning of the suspension, it received an email from Twitter saying the company had “received a complaint regarding your account,” but had “investigated the reported content and have found that it is not subject to removal under the Twitter Rules.”

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