Mel Magazine, “Alt-Right Coloradans Went To War With An Alpaca Farm — And The Farm Won”

Eddie Kim, August 4, 2021

For nearly nine months, Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, a safe haven for trans and queer Coloradans, faced violent threats from right-wing extremists. Until, that is, they turned to their local anarchists for help.

First came the death threats on Facebook, with a stream of anonymous voices threatening to burn down the ranch and take all the guns. Then came the tails — unfamiliar trucks following them, usually for miles at a time, all the way home. 

But the final straw came the evening of March 5th, when two groups of men quietly traversed the quarter-mile dirt road to the front gate of the ranch. One pair were caught by the night guard around midnight, fiddling with the light and lock on the gate. Several hours later, two more people clambered across a field, flanking toward the main house. “Our guy James [a pseudonym] spotted them. He hit them with a spotlight, and told them, ‘Remove yourselves, or die.’ And they ran like jackrabbits. I credit him for potentially saving our lives that night,” Penny Logue tells me. “It was a literal wake-up call.” 

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