MovieWeb, “Best Anarchist Movies, Ranked”

If you’re in the mood for a little anarchy, check out these hit movies.

By Jessica Brajer, June 24, 2023

Diving deeper into complex styles and genres of cinema is a goal of every film buff. One aspect of film that often goes unnoticed and is forgotten is anarchist cinema. While politics has its place in cinema, anarchism has often been the subject of great controversy, particularly during the Cold War, with communists being considered criminals in the United States. Per BFI, anarchist cinema goes beyond showing a revolution, and uses film as a tool to show anarchism in a new light that audiences will better understand.

In a more progressive world, people are unafraid to revisit what was once considered taboo. One such subject that no longer holds such a status is anarchism. Considering that many of the anarchist films were banned shortly after their release, some of the greatest films of this subgenre have flown under the radar, being forgotten by cinema and Hollywood. Here are the best anarchist movies, ranked.

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