NPR, “Run The Jewels On Empowerment And Shared Humanity”

The older I get, the more of an anarchist I become. And I don’t mean in the punk rock type of way where I just seek to destroy things. I mean, I believe truly we’re not going to progress as a species until we feel responsible to educate and to bring every heart, or every person who belongs to this species, up to a point where we don’t have a need for culture, religion, or nations to define us. I’m not saying you can’t do your culture, religion or your nation, but that can’t be the only thing that defines you as a human being, you know? I have to see your humanity before I see you as a Spanish man. I have to see your humanity before I see a white man. Doesn’t mean I don’t see a Spanish man. Doesn’t mean I don’t see a white man. It means that I don’t let those things interfere with me respecting and loving you as a human being. That is sacred to me.

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