Pensacola News Journal, “Trump is right — violent extremists on both sides are a threat”

Everyone understands that the neo-Nazi and KKK groups are composed of violent extremists. The apparent blind spot is with the anarchist/socialist far left, which is puzzling given recent history. Take for example the radicals who toppled the Confederate statue in Durham, NC, who were affiliated with the Worker’s World Party(WWP). Their program includes disarming police, abolishing capitalism, and promoting a Leninist version of socialist revolution. So when Mitt Romney says that the two sides are in “morally different universes,” he should be aware that the WWP has previously blamed him for creating a “climate of war, racism and hatred that promotes these fascist groups.” And it is doubtful that the Mormon faith would survive in their Leninist utopia, since the WWP claims the LDS church has “a shameful history of racism.”

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