Seven Days: “Institute for Social Ecology Marks 40 Years of Anarchy,” August 20, 2014

Institute for Social Ecology Marks 40 Years of Anarchy
Kevin J Kelley, Seven Days, August 20, 2014

“Can anyone here give me a three-sentence definition of ‘communalism’?” asked an earnest and befuddled audience member last Saturday.

“No!” replied a chorus of voices amid laughter and groans at the 40th-anniversary celebration of the world’s most influential neo-anarchist think tank.

Apart from the group gathered on a Marshfield hilltop last Saturday, few people have heard of the Institute for Social Ecology; even fewer know that the late Murray Bookchin, a longtime Burlington resident, started it in Plainfield with a mission of fomenting a revolution to replace capitalism with a nonhierarchical, “communalist” utopia.


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