SF Weekly, ” Know Your Street Art: Bound Together”

Anarchists of the Americas and plenty of chalk keep things lively at the anarchist bookstore at 1369 Haight St.

In an interview for the 2010 book Satiristas: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians, comedian George Carlin said “fucking” is a word that — in the right hands — can add “punch” and “effect” to a joke. People who walk by the Bound Together anarchist collective bookstore on Haight Street see Carlin’s word a lot on the store’s sidewalk sign, which a store volunteer has turned into a constantly revolving display of darkly humorous vitriol and political invective that Carlin himself would have approved of.

The volunteer, a poet and artist who goes by the moniker Reverend Eggking, displays such chalk-written ditties as “Please Don’t Make Me Fuck the American Flag!” and “For Many Fucking Pigs, Black Lives Splatter.” Eggking changes the sign’s words whenever he works at Bound Together, which also houses two other noteworthy art projects: Painter Susan Greene’s mural, Anarchists of the Americas, which has been there for two decades and fronts the store’s eastern outside wall, and a collection of old posters that adorn the store’s inside upper walls, which include one of a mechanized man that uses a humorous truism to critique capitalism: “Working to pay off the car so I can drive to work to pay off the house so I can rest and be ready to work again.”

Who says anarchism can’t be both serious and funny?

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