Tablet Magazine, “Dear Antifas: A Note About Your Ancestor”

Tresca was the Cold War anarcho-syndicalist. He was a super-radical who, even so, did not remove himself from the larger American system. My old friend Daniel Bell had the misfortune of seeing Tresca’s body on the sidewalk at Fifth Avenue and 15th Street, after the assassination, in January 1943. That was a terrible event. Tresca’s antifa descendants ought to hold a ceremony. The hitman was a Mafia thug named Carmine Galante, but who sent Galante to do it? Back in the day, some of Tresca’s friends assumed it was the Communist Party, which was fully capable of assassination. Mussolini was an equally logical possibility. The Mafia itself appears to have been responsible, though. That was Bell’s assumption. Dorothy Gallagher wrote a biography of Tresca years ago called All the Right Enemies, and her title says it all.

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