The Collector, “The Anarchist Prince: Who was Peter Alekseyevich Kropotkin?”

Kropotkin is one of the most famous proponents of anarcho-communism. But what does that mean?

By Joseph T F Robers, August 20, 2023

eter Kropotkin’s work has had a lasting influence on anarcho-communism. What were his main ideas? How did he envision a just society? And how did a prince become a revolutionary?

Kropotkin was a prolific writer and anarchist propagandist, completing his most famous works The Conquest of Bread (1892), Fields, Factories and Workshops (1899), and Mutual Aid (1902) while living in exile in London. In this article, we explore some of the core ideas in these books, along with providing some biographical context about Kropkotkin’s life.

Peter Kropotkin was a Russian revolutionary, zoologist, sociologist, geographer, and anarchistBorn in Moscow in 1842, Kropotkin was born into the aristocracy as the son of prince Aleksey Petrovich Kropotkin. His aristocratic lineage meant that Kropotkin received an exclusive education at the prestigious military academy the Corps of Pages. This education paved the way for Peter Kropotkin to become an aide to Tsar Alexander II, before taking up a position as an army officer in Siberia.

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