The Daily Beast, “Even Anarchists Don’t Like the Government Shutdown”

If the government shutdown has any fans (besides President Donald Trump), one might assume it’s anarchists.

Anarchists want a stateless society and the government shutdown is already the longest in U.S. history. But four weeks into the shutdown, anarchists are just as fed up as the rest of the country.

“A girl can dream, right?” Kim, an anarchist organizer in New York, said when asked whether the shutdown was a state of anarchy. (As is common with anarchist organizers, she asked to withhold her full name.) “But no, our current fascist dystopian nightmare couldn’t be further from any kind of anarchist utopia, even if it is sort of fun to watch politicians scramble and fret as their precious structures crumble into an utter shambles.”

Although federal workers are missing out on paychecks, anarchists’ least-favorite state functions (police and prisons, for example) are still up and running, said Eric, an associate of the anonymous anarchist website It’s Going Down.

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