The New Yorker, “The Aging Anarchist’s Cookbook”

By Reuven Perlman, November 10, 2021

About This Edition

Welcome to the newest edition of “The Anarchist Cookbook.” To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of this seminal and controversial guide, we’ve updated its contents for a maturing readership of former and aging anarchists. If you were a bit of a punk in your youth but now are the same age as your parents were when they bought their second house, this edition is for you.

Enjoy all-new chapters that will help you navigate the realities of your current life stage, including the following:

Making Actual Money

  • How to rationalize getting a real job by telling yourself that you’re going to “fuck shit up from within the machine.”
  • How to give your business-casual outfit a “punk-rock twist” (with recommended skull-patterned ties).
  • How to transition to enjoying the slow rhythm of a nine-to-five corporate gig, because while you may be “selling out” you’re also tired (so, so tired).

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