The Weekly Standard, “When Politicians’ Kids Protest, They Say What Their Parents Can’t”

Woody was booked, but not charged, for second-degree rioting in Minneapolis last week. Details from the report of his arrest, first reported Tuesday by the Twin Cities Pioneer Press (and updated throughout the week), reveal he’d joined a five- or six-man black bloc, an anarchist tactic now in regular use by anti-Trump agitators seeking to conceal their identities. A “March 4 Trump” rally at the Capitol building had drawn hundreds in support of the president, and Kaine and crew came wearing black clothes and facemasks to protest. They reportedly threw fireworks inside the state Capitol and decamped to a nearby park, where police pepper-sprayed, “knee struck,” and apprehended Kaine as he attempted to flee. One of the bloc, believed to have been Kaine, threw a smoke bomb in the Capitol rotunda, where Trump rally-goers and the masked anarchists had initially clashed.

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