USA Today, “Woody Harrelson: ‘I’m an anarchist’,” November 20, 2014

Woody Harrelson: ‘I’m an anarchist’
Donna Freydkin, USA Today, November 20, 2014

“And Harrelson himself understands Katniss’ unwillingness to live by rules that are meaningless to her.

“I’m an anarchist. You’ve got to defy certain unnecessary rules. But there are certain very good rules around traffic that are not adhered to in this town. I’m one of the idiots breaking them,” says Harrelson, who rode to this interview on his motorcycle, with his wife, Laura, sitting behind him. “For the important ones, I’m always on target. I had precious cargo in the back. That’s not even funny.”

Harrelson lives mostly in Hawaii with his wife and three daughters, staying largely out of the spotlight. So how does his rebelliousness manifest itself?”

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