VegNews, “10 Contemporary Queer Vegans You Need To Know About”

Pride Month is here, so we’re recognizing the standout ethical pioneers who are advocating for equal rights for all. 

Z. Zane McNeill, June 23, 2020

Vegans are a diverse bunch. Among them, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, intersexual, and asexual/aromantic (LGBTQIA) folks have been integral to the movement for animal liberation. In addition to fighting for animal rights, these rad vegans also have a history of working towards consistent anti-oppression and fighting against all forms of social injustice, including toward specific communities such as queer, trans, Black, and Indigenous. In honor of Pride Month, we’re highlighting just a few of the many advocates, artists, and scholars who are making a difference for the animals and others. If you aren’t following their inspiring work, you will want to now.

1. LoriKim Alexander
This 25-year vegan and out lesbian is an anthropologist and trained biologist who fights against environmental racism and for Black Indigenous liberation. Until recently, she was the co-director of BlackCuse Pride, an organization by and for trans and queer Black Indigenous folks. Among other vegan festivals, Alexander has shared her wisdom as a speaker at the worldwide Veganism of Color conference and Black Vegfest in New York.

2. Suzy Gonzalez
A queer pansexual Xicana artist, zinester, and curator, Gonzalez has had her art exhibited in galleries across the country, including the Presa House Gallery, R Gallery, and Lady Base Gallery in San Antonio, TX; MACLA in San Jose, CA; and RedLine Contemporary in Denver, CO. She co-publishes the intersectional feminist zine Yes, Ma’am; co-organizes the San Anto Zine Fest, which brings together independent media; and is half of the artist’s collective Dos Mestizx. Her art pieces Tasty Chick (2013) and Miss Drumstick (2013) were influenced by the scholarship of ecofeminist and animal-rights activist Carol Adams

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