Agency’s March / April Top Podcast Picks from Channel Zero

We are really excited that the Channel Zero Anarchist Podcast Network continues to expand and produce stellar content! The latest in our series of podcast reviews includes some really fantastic listening, from hardcore and metal music, to anarchist comic art, resistance to corporate and militarized tech innovations, to a new anarchist audiobook! Here’s some great ear food for your next long drive, exercise session, or cake bake-off…


The Dream of Nat Turner is Alive in Racetraitor: Extreme Music in an Age of Trump (February 28)

On the heels of the antifa-organized festival Black Flags Over Brooklyn this past January, the good folks at It’s Going Down produced this podcast interview with the hardcore, punk and metal band Racetraitor. Members of the controversial band talk about their history, musical influences, and unique analysis of race and class that they brought and continue to bring to the politics of their time. When they formed in Chicago in the late 1990s, Racetraitor was one of the few bands that used their music to confront institutionalized racism, white supremacy, and criminal justice issues as an imbalance of power reinforced and perpetuated by capitalism. Reformed in 2016, with a new full length album, “2042,” Racetraitor also talks about their art and politics in the era of Trump. Whether you’re into hardcore or metal, or have never heard of Racetraitor, this podcast is worth listening to!
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Gord Hill on Art and Resistance (March 10)

This month, our comrades at the Final Straw Radio podcast interviewed Gord Hill, an author, anarchist, antifascist, and member of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation on the unceded territory referred to by settlers as northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Gord discusses moving to Vancouver in the late 1980s and being radicalized first by the local punk and anarchist scenes, then being inspired by the Oka Crisis in 1990 to get more involved in Indigenous struggles. Gord talks about his seminal work, The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, published in 1992, through to the present. After the Unite the  Right rally and the murder of anti-racist activist Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Gord explains being contacted by Arsenal Pulp Press to publish his latest graphic novel The Antifa Comic Book: 100 Years of Fascism and Antifa Movements. Gord also touches on so much more, including the Zapatista uprising, Idle No More, and the latest resistance at the Unist’ot’en camp. This podcast is definitely worth checking out!
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Trouble #19: Quiet Storm (April 2)

Submedia’s monthly video (and podcast) series “Trouble” recently took a deep dive into the somewhat frightening future that the fusion of capitalism and modern technology has constructed for us. Historical context is provided, with a look at the ways in which technological developments have changed the way we live – for good and bad – and some of the forms of resistance that have occured to these developments. Through a series of interviews, including with anarchist hacker Isis Agora Lovecruft, “Trouble: Quiet Storm” also exposes the corporate and military control behind most of the technology we use, and the research into the tech products of the future. It shows how the vast majority of tech products being developed are geared towards social control and why we need to resist it wherever we see it emerging, even if it means using the master’s tools to do so.
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#64: Announcing Our First Audiobook! No Wall They Can Build (April 3)

We want to welcome back Crimethinc’s The Ex-Worker Podcast after a hiatus, and are excited that their return coincides with the release of Crimethinc’s first audiobook, “No Wall They Can Build: A Guide to Borders and Migration in North America.” The audiobook will be shared through 11 episodes released once a week on their website. The print version of “No Wall They Can Build” was released in 2018 and offers a close look at the borders that control movement around North America. Drawing on a decade of solidarity work in the desert between Mexico and Arizona, this book uncovers the goals and costs of US border policy, and what it will take to change it. This episode of The Ex-Worker also includes an interview with a volunteer from the solidarity group No More Deaths, with discussion about changes and continuities between the Obama and Trump eras, the impact of the administration’s efforts to build a wall on communities around the border, and updates on state repression against the group’s volunteers.
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